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Looking for tourist attractions in Delhi, the capital of India? Read this article to know about best tourist places in Delhi

Delhi is the heart of the nation. The throbbing metropolitan has been a place of importance in Indian History. Be it known as the Indraprastha in the times of Mahabharat or Delhi as we know it today; it has been there; witnessing the most crucial and detrimental events in the history of mankind. Hence, the place is etched with loads of historical monuments, places of archaeological importance, parks, gardens, and educational institutions which attract the attention of the travelers as well as the residents.

While in and around Delhi, you can rest assured that every instinct of yours which is associated with traveling will be answered to properly and will be reciprocated in such a manner that you will find yourself drawn to it times and again. We have brought to you, the list of best places to visit in Delhi which will make your tour worth of its time in every sense.

Red Fort

Red Fort,Best Tourist Places in Delhi - Tourism in Delhi

Image credits: Partha S. Sahana

Red fort is one of the most iconic forts in the nation which is still functioning as the venue for Independence Day celebrations. The fort is open as a tourist attraction and has various other places of tourist interest in its proximity. The fort entrance has a small market of handicrafts, bags, accessories and other items which are really colorful and bustling with people all the times. The Red fort is one of the best tourist places in Delhi and is closed for tourists on Mondays.

Humayun’s Tomb

Humayuns Tomb,Best Tourist Places in Delhi - Tourism in Delhi

Image credits: Souvik Palmal

Humayun’s Tomb is one of the best tourist places in Delhi. The monument was built in 1570 under the supervision of Queen haji Begum in the memory of her husband Humayun. The architecture of the tomb is Persian and resembles that of the Taj Mahal. It is open for visits on all days.

Qutab Minar

Qutab Minar,Best Tourist Places in Delhi - Tourism in Delhi

Image credits: Abhranil Neogi

The main Minar, as well as the other places and attractions, are imbibed in a complex which is known as the Qutab complex. Believed to be constructed by Qutab-ud-Din Aibak, the 73-meter tall tower has been featured in lots of movies. The place is peaceful and enigmatic. You can find the tourists, architecture students sketching the perspective views and lots of other people roaming in the complex and still never feel crowded. I have always loved this place from among all the other ones and have spent various long evenings in the quiet corners of the Qutab Minar.

Bahai Temple

Bahai Temple, Best Tourist Places in Delhi - Tourism in Delhi

Image credits: Sridhar Vedantham

Bahai temple is also called as the Lotus Temple owing to the shape of the temple. The temple is built by the followers of Bahai Religion. Of all the 7 temples across the world, this one was built in the last. The serene surroundings, the lovely architecture of the temple and spiritual atmosphere, the Bahai Temple is another must visit place in Delhi. There are 9 pools around the lotus which make the whole place seem surreal.

Swaminarayan Akshardham Temple

Swaminarayan Akshardham, Best Tourist Places in Delhi - Tourism in Delhi

Swaminarayan Akshardham Temple is the largest Hindu temple in the world and is a 42-meter tall construction which is an architectural marvel. Every day thousands of people throng the huge campus to offer prayers, visit the place or to just spend some time in the holy surroundings. The entire temple was constructed by using the marble and granite which was brought from all over the world. Apart from the Swaminarayan Akshardham Temple, there are various parks, gardens, museum and a huge cultural centre in the whole complex of 12 acres.

Lodhi Gardens

Lodhi Garden,Best Tourist Places in Delhi - Tourism in Delhi

Lodhi gardens were built around the tombs of the Muslim rulers of the 15th century. The gardens are a good place or relax, jog, walk around or just sit and enjoy the evenings in the parched city life.

Places to visit in Delhi near the Lodhi Gardens are:



    • Bara Gumbad


    • Shisha Gumbad


    • Sikandar Lodhi’s Tomb



India Gate

India Gate, Best Tourist Places in Delhi - Tourism in Delhi

Erected in the memory of the 70, 000 soldiers killed in the Afghan War and World War I, the war memorial was completed in 1931. The place is an enigmatic one and transforms into a place teeming with life. Hundreds of people visit the India Gate in the evening and night and spend lovely time with friends and family. This is a must do outing while touring Delhi.

List of historical places in Delhi



    • Red Fort


    • Purana Quila


    • Chandni Chowk


    • Salimgarh Fort


    • Safdarjung’s Tomb


    • Qutab Minar


    • Tughlaqabad



Places of Religious Interest


  • Akshardham Temple


  • Gurudwara Bangla Sahib


  • Laxminarayan Temple


  • Jama Masjid


  • Cathedral Church of Redemption

and also you may visit ISKCON Temple, St. James’ Church, St. James’ Church, Lotus Temple, Kalka Ji Mandir


Delhi museum and Other Attractions


  • National Museum, New Delhi


  • Nizamuddin Dargah


  • National Rail Museum


  • Shanti Vana

You can also visit other famous spots like Jantar Mantar, Raj Ghat, National Zoological Park


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Lutyen’s Delhi


  • India Gate and Rajpath


  • Connaught Place


  • Sansad Bhavan


  • Rashtrapati Bhavan


  • Lodhi Gardens



Best Places to Shop in Delhi

Looking for shopping in Delhi? Here is the list of best places to shop in Delhi.


    • Tilak Nagar


    • Sarojini Nagar


    • Rajouri Garden


    • Dilli Haat


  • Janpath and Tibetan market

You may also visit Chandni Chowk, Paharganj, Lajpat Nagar, Palika Bazar

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These are the Best Tourist Places in Delhi. Now it’s your time to choose from where to start and explore the vacation with your family. Good luck !!!


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